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It takes up to 1 week if the tax office does not have any questions to receive your company code CVR. Establishment of a private limited company ApS After submitting the information for the establishment of the company, the registration of the future company begins.

After the commencement of the case, the authorized capital of DKK 40, is transferred to the account of the specified lawyer in order for the lawyer to approve the capital.

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After approval, the memorandum of association and the articles of association are sent to the founder, which must be signed. After signing, the company code comes in a week.

After receiving the company code, the next step is to open a business bank account and order an electronic signature. Registering a company as an moms payer You must be registered as a taxpayer if you have an income that exceeds DKK 50, this only applies to enkeltmand or your business activity requires you to become a taxpayer.

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Registration may take business days. In order for us to describe the activity as accurately as possible, we will send you a questionnaire, on the basis of which a business plan and a budget will be written.

Registering a company as an employer The company needs to be registered as an employer when the company decides to hire employees.

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Then company needs to be registered as an A-skat, AM-bidrag payer. Creation of a new user in the salary system Danløn If a company decides to hire employees, a payroll administration system is required.

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To save your time, we can create an account for you in the payroll administration system. In order for us to do this, we need some information from you every month. You then need to create an account in the collection bailiff system for debts up to 50, If the debt is higher, you need to consult a lawyer.

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Establishment of a case at debt collection agency- Inkasso Standard employment revolut bank address preparation When hiring an employee, it is necessary to sign an employment contract with him, which would define all duties and rights. You can choose to have it done by us or an authorized auditor. Amount of the fine — dkk.

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Invoicing If you do not have time to write an invoice. We can help you and write out for you.

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Closure of a private limited company ApS Accounting is required for business operations in Denmark and a company must be closed if it decides to cease operations. Registration of a foreign company in RUT system When a foreign company arrives in Denmark for business purposes, the company must notify the competent authorities in Denmark and register company in RUT.

Activation of a single employee in RUT system Once revolut bank address company has registered in RUT, each employee must also be registered, with information on each one individually.

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